Top 3 "Maison" in London

Top 3 "Maison" in London


?Maison? is not surprisingly the French word with regard to house. A house can be a building where you live during. Yet, it also contains a historical meaning in our language. It describes a business. ?Je suis en maison depuis longtemps? means I’ve been working in this place for some time. In these circumstances, that refers to historical retails. The three I will talk about are either very well-knowns or maybe very original and they are all located in London .

La Maison Fauchon

La Maison Fauchon is just about the oldest brands within Paris and its authentic store is in Place de la Madeleine. The initial store opened within 1886 in Are generally Madeleine, the bakery and pastry store in 1895 along with the iconic restaurant Versus tea rooms around 1898 in the same location. It turned out to be one of the most fashionable destinations in Paris. In 1900, La Rrrsidence Fauchon opened a store around rue de la Com