5 tips for an unforgettable gorilla trekking experience

5 tips for an unforgettable gorilla trekking experience


For most people, a trip to Uganda, Rwanda as well as DR Congo to journey the endangered off-road gorilla is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As opposed to most safaris, gorilla trekking is completed completely outside of the opera vehicle and often needs you to scramble via wet and smooth stinging nettles. But, the particular rewards far outnumber the inconveniences and, especially if you come prepared.

Here are some dos and have on?ts to help make your gorilla walking experience the best?previously.

Do hire a porter

I will say that that I was often unwilling to do this on my first trek. I trek often and consider myself to be in not bad condition. But, the moment I saw that will my money goes directly to the porter, I remembered why I actually came all that technique and didn?t hesitate to use one once more on my second trek.


Not only did my very own porter carry my carrier, but he had been ready for me when I wanted to switch improved lenses or put a thing away. And, when not allowed take anything when visiting the gorillas, it absolutely was great to have him or her put my container around my walking remain, high above the rainy, muddy ground.

Don?big t bring over a 200mm lens

The area to the mountain gorillas is far closer than people?ll be expecting. I did on my 400mm lens, considering I was going to get a fantastic shot, but we have been so close, I really could only see their nostril! Luckily this porter was there so i was able to quickly swap to my 24-120mm zoom lens and, I hardly ever zoomed in all the way.


Save your self, and your porter, the trouble of carrying around a heavy standard zoom lens. This pensive baby gorilla had been taken at 120mm.

Do wear sunscreen and, if needed, a cap

The first evening we trekked it was interesting and foggy out. Most people left early of which morning and, devoid of thinking, I put on some sunscreen. During the to begin with hour or so of our trek it began to snow. It was still drizzling through our gorilla encounter and also the brim of my own baseball cap were only available in very handing with regard to blocking some of the wetness.


Weather changes quickly from altitude and, in no time, we were hit with an intense sun. I thought this was the case for the remainder of each of our journey, which survived another two hours. A number of people in our group were badly sunburned.

Don?to be ultra-cautious and bring any surgical mask

I?d read through so much about gorillas along with lack of immunity to your human cold, we thought I?deb be ultra-cautious and bring a number of surgical masks down to help ensure his or her safety. I was around fine health, but after a long-haul flight at a plane that had many people coughing, I didn?capital t want to take a chance. My guide required one look at it together with said that this would make sure they are go crazy. Apparently, as soon as doctors come to tranquilize these individuals for studies, many people wear these goggles. Maybe not one of our better ideas, nonetheless my intentions were definitely good.

Do wear sturdy, waterproof boots

Even the rangers wear black plastic boots, so I sensed right at home with the black wellies. They fit beautifully in my bag, were being super easy to hose-pipe down after all that walking, and the grip on the bottom was remarkably good when trekking constant through so many painful nettles. I also saw people that have hiking books along with gaiters.


As long as your calves are covered, an individual?ll be high-quality.

An hour spent while using the incredible mountain gorilla is something you’ll never forget. And also, if you’re prepared with dry legs and camera prepared, you’ll be able to absolutely enjoy your hours without any distractions. Enjoy!

Javier Luque is a Co-Founder and Director of?Your Cameras Safari.

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