Tag heuer are going to pay one to require a cross-country journey...

Tag heuer are going to pay one to require a cross-country journey within a RV this fall


If you’re not DIY-savvy enough to convert a beat-up Volkswagen to the ultimate #VanLife adventure mobile, you may still create your cross-country journey dreams become a reality the old-fashioned way: in the RV. Roadtrip Nation takes applications for individuals who need to travel over the United states of america within their bright green RV, all expenses paid.

Those selected will plan a journey around their specific interests and goals and definately will learn first-hand from people who have forged their dream lifestyles in unexpected places. The winners will collaborate with Roadtrip Nation to analyze and book interviews in the act with normal folks who are “leading the charge into work’s new, changing landscape, and…building their lives and careers they love.”

The trip will likely be filmed along with the footage may look on public TV and other video platforms, so make certain you’re not camera shy. But don’t worry if you’re no actor. Roadtrip Nation wants real people, with a real aspire to read more about themselves although a memorable experience as you go along.

The ideal candidate because of this epic excursion thirsts for self-discovery up to physical exploration. They’re specifically interested in people with no degree beyond secondary school but you are serious about pursuing unconventional career avenues through apprenticeships, trade schools, online education and on-the-job training. You must end up being 18 years old, capable to decide to three weeks of travel in September/October 2018.

So if you’re unsure regarding your next career move or are looking for your true passion, and therefore are wanting some serious inspiration, you should definitely apply by June 1.