This is the reason Iceland produces a whole lot amazing music

This is the reason Iceland produces a whole lot amazing music


In the most recent Matador Original — Gather — filmmaker Kelly Noecker traveled across Iceland to find out the reason Iceland so artistically fertile. From your Sónar festival in Reykjavik to tiny gatherings in caves, he stayed with of Iceland’s most creative electronic musicians, producers, and artists.

One of his biggest inspirations for any project was Bjarki. Like several of Iceland’s recording artists, Bjarki’s music is to solve to some specific genre. As Kelly explains, “I\’d personally say his foundation (if you needed to pin it down) is techno, but he appears to be a lot more than that. He will be taking samples and creating sounds that 95 % of artists wouldn’t even try and experiment with. Such as, he made the whole track while using the sound water within forms. He froze water, turned it into gas and vapor forms, recorded the sounds of the, then put a track together. He really just desires to push boundaries and produce people’s ears perk up.”

Iceland landscape shot from Matador Originals film

Another artist who played Sónar and is particularly featured in the film is Þórður Ingi Jónsson aka Lord Pusswhip. Jónsson takes the cornerstone of trap, electronica, and hypnagogic pop and fosters something totally original. He spent my youth rapping, after traveling to California and after that here we are at Iceland, he noted, “It’s so much easier here [in Iceland] to acquire ahead when you’re doing something specific.”

This artistic procedure of going after which it returning was something echoed by Jónsson’s mother, well-known sculptor Steinunn Thórarinsdóttir: “Many Icelanders go abroad to analyze but also go back. We’re slightly like migrating birds for the reason that you permit therefore you return. That they are already bringing in new influences, new experiences.”

Iceland music show still from Matador Originals film

Everywhere Kelly went, he found people were attempting to push creative boundaries. “I do believe the content so cool concerning the scene was the largest music business and labels were really pushing to usher in new/unheard of talent. They may not be wanting to produce the next Justin Bieber; these are endeavoring to build a movement that none of us has seen or heard of before. Because Iceland is small, it wasn’t rare to find out the identical people in any way of your events. There was definitely followings of an individual, and because of the size of Iceland, the following really worked similar to a family. Everyone knew 1 another, everyone pushed the other person, everyone knew when these people were together as a group, magic can happen.”

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