Here’s where each National Park is found in every state

Here\’s where each National Park is found in every state


An extremely high proportion of Alaskan counties, resulting in 1 / 2 of the counties in California, are near least partially occupied by the National Park. Obviously, Utah and Colorado also hold their own individual. Yellowstone occupies the northwest corner of Wyoming and stretches into Idaho and Montana, and you’ll have lots to maintain you busy if you ever plan a road trip throughout the remainder of Montana, South dakota, and Washington.

One surprising find is always that in excess of twenty states within the union, primarily from the eastern part of the country, don’t contain a National Park in any way. This can be largely additionally isn’t as often available land out east. “The united states government doesn’t own just as much land inside the eastern area of the country,” explained Redditor Begotten912. Also not shown in the spotlight are National Monuments, and federally-protected land including National Forests.

Another element this map misses on is state parks along with other protected land that isn’t owned or managed from the federal government, which the eastern a part of the country has an abundance of.