How to become a Mainer in 13 easy ways

How to become a Mainer in 13 easy ways


6. Understand how to pick lobster.

We don’t be satisfied in no way the top, because that’s what we’ve got around here. And you best bear in mind that sweet knuckle meat!

7. Usually have your “everyday” flannel along.

You’re not intending to sense that yourself but if your everyday flannel isn’t either on you or about the backseat within your car. Once the mosquitos hit on that warm summer night, you’re gonna desire it.

8. Complain when you see Massachusetts license plate.


9. Own a camp so its possible to go “upta” it.

It might be a hunting shack in the middle of the woods, or simply a cottage from the sea — you simply need an area for you to escape the ol’ lady.

10. Go bass fishing and exaggerate as soon as your friends inquire the quantity of you caught and just how big we were holding.

Friggin’ thing was 35 inches, I’m tellin’ ya!

11. Be aware of the geography of “Downeast”.

Rockland? Camden? The debates are never-ending. Non-Mainers may well not see why i\’d describe anything in this state as “down” from anywhere except for Canada, but once you realize, you realize.

12. Have a friend that could be attempting to take up a craft brewery.

With dozens of new companies popping up every year, the friends will definitely be brewing beer. Or it could be it’s you. If you’re about the northeastern and seeking to start a craft brewery, you’re probably a Mainer. We can’t get motor the stuff. People attempt to show we have enough beer, but we don’t desire to hear any one that. Should be the winter which makes us Nor’easterners stubborn.

13. Produce a experience of pride to your number 207.

With only 1 area code while in the state, everyone find delight should the number randomly appears. We all are likely to use it to go into detail things, or where we’re from, to non-Mainers.