The greatest Dracula tour of Transylvania for Halloween

The greatest Dracula tour of Transylvania for Halloween


If you want to get in touch with where the whole thing began, a holiday to Sighisoara, based in central Romania, will allow you to go to the purported birthplace of Vlad the Impaler. The house where he lived during a vacation, Cositarilor Street no. 5, is decidedly not spooky — but still an outstanding destination to take a look at. Sighisoara also hosts a wonderful old town, named a UNESCO World Heritage site.

See the spot where Vlad the Impaler’s son was murdered.

Aerial view of Sibiu old town in Transylvania, Romania

The medieval village of Sibiu houses the stunning Evangelical Church where Vlad the Impaler’s son, Prince Mihnea the Evil, was killed to the stairs not in the church in 1510. With a name pursued by “the Evil,” you no doubt know he had to remain into some sinister stuff. He certainly seemed to like cutting off people’s noses.

Eat in the vampire-inspired restaurants of Transylvania.

Plate of cabbage and smoked pork

You won’t be feasting around the blood of fellow diners, but these kitsch little restaurants give you a pretty unique dining experience. With predictably meat-heavy menus, there are various of restaurants located throughout Transylvania which provide vampire-inspired dinners — sometimes which includes a show. While it’s certainly touristy, you\’ll full-on Dracula experience at Restaurant Casa Vlad Dracula, in the aforementioned house in Sighisoara.

Check the (supposed) tomb of Vlad the Impaler.

Snagov Monastery in Transylvania, Romania, at sunset

It wouldn’t be a spooky Halloween round-up with not a stop by at some kind of burial ground. Snagov Monastery is supposedly the website of Vlad the Impaler’s tomb — nonetheless it seems it is impossible to quite concur with whether that’s true or otherwise. Regardless, you will observe the tomb towards the back with this beautiful little church, that\’s worthwhile an appointment — whether or not we aren’t certain that it actually offers the famous Vlad.

Visit the ruins of Poenari Castle.

Aerial view from ruined Poenari Castle on Mount Cetatea in Romania

The ruins mark the former site of Poenari Castle, a castle that Vlad the Impaler loved and consequently converted into a main residence. Upon the the top of a cliff, it was actually also where his first wife, Jusztina Szilagyi of Moldavia, committed suicide on a siege. If you think maybe particularly adventurous, climb the fir,400 approximately steps to # 1 and enjoy the amazing views of your neighborhood.

See Bran Castle, home of your fictional Count Dracula.

Bran (Dracula) Castle in Translyvania, Romania

The most favored vampire-related site within Transylvania, Bran Castle needs little introduction. Ironically, though, this is simply not a castle that Vlad the Impaler actually held. It gained its popularity thanks to Bram Stoker’s Dracula because author based the descriptions of his castle on this web site. Built in the 1300s, it holds special occasions around Halloween which have been certain to tempt those looking for a scare. Regardless, its many passages and creaky atmosphere are spooky enough for many of us. The castle hosts a Halloween party, at the same time.

Spend Halloween party at Corvin Castle.

Beautiful panorama of the Corvin Castle in Transylvania, Romania

If you need reason to leave out your foremost costume, this six-day tour by Transilvania Travel incorporates a ticket to a massive Halloween bash at Corvin Castle, where Dracula himself used to be imprisoned. You’ll be invited in the castle by Dracula himself, and as the story goes, you can’t decline his invitation. Okay, all of it is actually a little cheesy, but if you prefer a superb, silly scare, this one’s in your case. The tour also travels through the Romanian countryside towards a choice of other fascinating vampire-centric sites.