15 differences from a normal friend and a Maine friend

15 differences from a normal friend and a Maine friend


You will easily notice us Mainers from the bunch. We stand out — however, not really like a sore thumb. We’re a lot more that trusty kid up at camp very often possesses the right oral appliance didn’t forget to bring matches. We earned that title because our garages are really filled with gear that we’ve never parked the motor car in that room one time. We’re distinct from normal friends inside of a bunch of alternative methods too.


A normal friend responds to the question by saying “yes”.
A Maine friend says “ayuh”.


A normal friend uses the idea of “very”.
A Maine friend will replace “very” with “wicked” and can be capable of squeeze it into every sentence.


A normal friend will continue to be home from work after a blizzard.
A Maine friend will say “Blizzard?’ after which you can start working as normal.


A normal friend will drink Coca-Cola.
A Maine friend will point the Coke back and order a Moxie.


A normal friend will order lobster just outside of Maine.
A Maine friend won’t eat lobster should they be beyond the borders of Maine; it’s far too expensive and of course isn’t fresh enough.


A normal friend will wear a jacket whether it is colder than 50 degrees outside.
A Maine friend won’t start wearing a jacket until it\’s snowing, and it also had better be a wicked snow.


A normal friend switches on air conditioning once it heats up gets hot.
A Maine friend doesn’t have AC and sleeps with the windows open instead.


A normal friend can be seen the temperature if it\’s cold outside.
A Maine friend fires in the wood stove or pellet stove.


A normal friend might buy new winter boots.
A Maine friend rocks the same L.L.Bean boots they’ve had for many years.


A normal friend gives their whole number including area code.
A Maine friend won’t say their area code considering that the entire state is 207.


A normal friend will dip their toe on the 62-degree ocean and judge never to swimming.
A Maine friend will dive inside, excited the water is warm.


A normal friend will grill hot dogs.
A Maine friend will grill red snapper hotdogs and warn you to be cautious about the “snap“ sound after you bite into them.


A normal friend says “Portland”.
A Maine friend needs that you specify Oregon or Maine each and every time.


A normal friend is going with a lake house.
A Maine friend will go “upta camp.”


A normal friend buys their produce with the supermarket.
A Maine friend forages for berries, fiddleheads, and ramps.