24 differences from your normal friend including a New Mexican friend

24 differences from your normal friend including a New Mexican friend


They think the sunset is the best section of the day. They just eat food if it’s insanely spicy. They assume you’re silly for arguing whether In n’ Out or Whataburger is better mainly because they be aware of solution is it neither of them. They won’t hesitate to laugh to you while you spoil, and may always have your when the going gets tough. And they’re the ideal kind of friend because they’re from New Mexico. Listed here are 24 differences coming from a normal friend and also a New Mexican friend.


A normal friend will have sriracha hot sauce into their fridge.
A New Mexican friend will have a couple of dozen half-empty bottles of Cholula, Tapatio, Valentina, salsa verde, plus a jar within their family recipe.


A normal friend will declare that the spring blooms of chamisa and juniper are pretty.
A New Mexican friend won’t say anything because they’ll be hiding inside attempting to pun intended, the pollen.


A normal friend thinks sunsets are pretty but doesn’t really supply them with much thought.
A New Mexican friend will drag you outside practically each night since you also need just about every sunset because each is unique and you simply really need to appreciate them, gosh darn it!


A normal friend will eat meals having a regular volume of chile independently.
A New Mexican friend will order their meal drenched drowning in chile.


A normal friend indicates the annual holiday when they say Christmas.
A New Mexican friend will mean a method of ordering their enchiladas.


A normal friend will think that a burrito are only able to be eaten for supper or dinner.
A New Mexican friend witnesses that a burrito may be eaten early morning, lunch, and dinner.


A normal friend may wish to check out Chipotle or Wendy\’s whenever they want Mexican food.
A New Mexican friend will are convinced that heresy and do not talk with you until you repent.


A normal friend doesn’t hesitate to launder their car when it’s dirty.
A New Mexican friend will wait months to wash their car because whenever they get it done will in the end rain continuous later.


A normal friend will think Cinnabon provides the best cinnamon rolls.
A New Mexican friend can assertain that it’s Frontier, hands down.


A normal friend is certain to get anxious about late August because it means fall is starting.
A New Mexican friend receives excited because it means it’s green chile roasting season.


A normal friend provides a grassy lawn.
A New Mexican friend either has Astroturf or artfully landscaped stone areas with desert shrubs and cacti since the state is set in an eternal drought high are water restrictions.


A normal friend’s idea of an entertaining night out will the bar.
A New Mexican friend’s prospect of an amazing night out becomes numerous Santa Fe Pale Ales, driving out in to the desert or even the mountains, creating a campfire, and staring at the sky while imagining that all sound you hear is definitely the Chupacabra or La Llorona.


A normal friend will lay during sexual intercourse for hours on end Saturday to conquer their hangover.
A New Mexican friend will be up at 9 am to visit a common greasy spoon for huevos rancheros and will be feeling normal by noon.


A normal friend will drink tequila once they desire to go crazy.
A New Mexican friend will drink 4 Loko.


A normal friend will think about the coast and also the ocean when someone says “the beach.”
A New Mexican friend will think about the greatest waterpark ever (RIP).


A normal friend can provide advice and luxury whenever you go overboard.
A New Mexican friend will laugh to you first then comfort you so much you’ll forget las vegas dui attorney were upset from the get go.


A normal friend will treat several inches of snow like it’s no big issue.
A New Mexican friend will either will not leave the house his or her car can’t handle it or they’ve already headed towards nearest ski hill.


A normal friend gets interested in regular holidays such as Fourth of July.
A New Mexican friend absolutely loses their mind over Fiestas de Santa Fe (que viva!)


A normal friend would want to head over to Burning Man.
A New Mexican friend should visit Zozobra.


A normal friend will have staples like turkey and stuffing at Thanksgiving.
A New Mexican friend can have turkey tamales, full of green chile, calabacitas, and loads of chile.


A normal friend will track the concert tours of their preferred musicians.
A New Mexican friend won’t bother simply because always go Arizona-Colorado-Texas and never remain in NM.


A normal friend are going to have taken a side from the great Whataburger Vs. In-N-Out war.
A New Mexican friend shall be solidly within the Blake’s Lotaburger camp.


A normal friend continues to enthusiastic about Breaking Bad.
A New Mexican friend has expired it.


A normal friend will need to acquire a generic tattoo, as a butterfly or simply a flower.
A New Mexican friend will get a Zia symbol.