Manhattanhenge is NYC’s most Instagrammable sunset, plus it happens tonight

Manhattanhenge is NYC\’s most Instagrammable sunset, plus it happens tonight


But Manhattan’s a big island, right? In the city’s many streets and avenues, where is the right spot capture this spectacle? Simply because can hold more visitors, and still provide a broader view, wider streets are usually better. Try 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd, or 57th streets. And attempt to position yourself at the elevated point, so nothing obstructs your view. As a result of event’s rising popularity, ensure you stake out of spot no less than thirty to forty-five minutes ahead.

If you’re determined to see Manhattanhenge in 2018, it happens on two categories of days: May 29th-30th, and July 12th-13th. You can still catch today’s Manhattanhenge if you ever hurry, but don’t worry in case you miss it. There’s plenty of time to scope out there place for July.

For those who don’t have a home in Nyc, you’re not entirely at a complete loss. Any city with a grid system can witness a unique unique “henge”. Not to be outdone by NYC, Boston has laid claim they can a similar phenomenon, called (surprisingly enough) Bostonhenge.