This is the way you cool-down on hot Texas days: Jacob’s Well

This is the way you cool-down on hot Texas days: Jacob\’s Well


Summers in south Texas have two temperatures, hot and ‘where’s closest walk-in freezer’ hot. One hour southwest of Austin can be a swimming hole that’s been calling the overheated for its cold waters since way back when.

Jacob’s Well, situated in the Jacob’s Well Natural Area, is actually a naturally-formed swimming hole in Hays County. Scientifically speaking, it’s a karstic spring, that is a bowl or cone-shaped spring, usually after a cave system, that\’s large discharge. Jacob’s Well, fed via the Trinity Aquifer, during writing in June, was flowing into Cypress Creek with the rate of 16 gallons an alternate. In 1924, before modern development (and the subsequent tapping of the Trinity Aquifer) the spring enjoyed a measured flow of 170 gallons an additional.

The spring itself comes with a average depth of 120 feet and it\’s, actually, the doorway of your cave system — the second biggest fully-submerged cave in Texas. Currently, the Jacob’s Well Exploration Project has mapped about 6,000 feet of passages — impressive, right? Whilst the depth with this spring dazzles mental performance, it’s not the primary reason people get to these waters.

At a near constant 68 degrees F year-round, they are presented to cool down the down and also have awesome. Although slip in gradually, one of the most adventurous (or crazy?) of visitors huck flips into this 12-foot diameter cone of refreshment.

How to obtain there

The Jacob’s Well Natural Area is approximately 15 minutes from Wimberley and Dripping Springs. Pull it up on your map here.

What to consider

  • Reservations must swim at Jacob’s Well. It’s recommended for making your reservations a month or more ahead of time, especially throughout the busy summer months.
  • Swimming is open until September 30th.
  • Entrance fees include $5 to $9 per person and find you with a 2-hour swim window.
  • Jacob’s well is part of the Jacob’s Well Natural Area, which happens to be at liberty to enter. The fee only pertains to swimming.
  • The area is for day-use only and is also open from 8 AM in order to six PM. There is no camping allowed.
  • Bring lots of water — there isn\’t any drinking fountains in the neighborhood.
  • The walk to Jacob’s Well includes stairs and isn\’t stroller or wheelchair-friendly.
  • It’s a 15-minute walk on the car park to Jacob’s Well.
  • As with natural places, leave no trace.