The Glacier Express is a very scenic train ride in Europe

The Glacier Express is a very scenic train ride in Europe


The world’s best scenic train rides will be in Switzerland. The towering Alps work as the right backdrop to your cross-country traverse, the marked seasons produce unique scenery throughout every season, and the clockwork efficiency and modern rail network means that you can put your feet up and view the world pass by, all overall luxury.

Choosing Switzerland to your ultimate rail experience is likely to be easy, but picking among the available trips on the large list of spectacular rides is slightly trickier. However the Glacier Express sits above each of them for the scenic beauty, engineering marvels, and the luxurious carriages which provide at-seat service and restaurant-worthy meals.

The trip is very little rapid one. Your journey between Zermatt and St. Moritz takes over 8 hours, but if you see what’s in store for you along the way, you’ll wish who\’s were just some hours longer.

The Glacier Express isn\’t a budget train ride — a standalone second-class ticket will cost you over $150 the best way. Although the route is protected for most rail pass packages, some just a tiny reservation fee, so that it is easier than ever to tick Europe’s most scenic train ride off your bucket list.