London’s skyline becomes a different building: the Tulip

London\’s skyline becomes a different building: the Tulip


While it’s still unclear exactly how the building is going to be used, the architects express it supplies for a cultural and educational resource, instead of a commercial or work space. Your building furthers county wants to produce a “Culture Mile” to attract a boost in traffic to London’s financial district.

Atop a tall stem, your building shall be topped with a glass bud, which can be slated to deal with 360-degree viewing galleries, a bar, and restaurants. This website can even include small park, rooftop garden, and sky bridges between observation decks.

Tulip building in London

Jacob J. Safra, the billionaire who funded your house — in addition to London’s famous Gherkin — said in the statement, “The Tulip’s elegance and soft strength complements the enduring Gherkin.” This sentiment was echoed by Norman Foster, founder and executive chairman of Foster + Partners, who said inside a statement, “Continuing the pioneering style of 30 St Mary Axe [the Gherkin], the Tulip is inside the spirit based in london being a progressive, forward-thinking city.”