You understand you’ve experienced Rio a long time when…

You understand you’ve experienced Rio a long time when…


You no more get hangups about revealing your “knobby knees” or “wobbly thighs.”

While international media depictions will have us believe Rio can be a city populated entirely by bronzed beauties with flawless bodies, the fact is somewhat different. With many truly gorgeous exceptions, most Cariocas (Rio locals) are mere mortals full of many of the usual imperfections, plus the scorching heat means skimpy garments are normal in spite of age, size, or physical stature. Hey, you’ve got a glorious tan and you’re not likely to hide it.

You’ve become enslaved pão de queijo.

It’s near impossible to meet up with a Carioca who doesn’t like pão de queijo. However, on first sampling these little cheese breads constructed with manioc flour, may be the unimpressed with the chewy, almost rubbery texture.

But perform several weeks. Initial distaste will quickly bring on “hmm, not very bad,” and before you know it you’ll be hooked. They’re naturally gluten-free, getting a good on-the-hoof snack for any person which includes a wheat or gluten intolerance.

You no more carry it literally when somebody says “I’m arriving.”

The first couple of times newcomers to Rio hear “estou chegando” (“I’m arriving”), they’ll get ready for the imminent arrival with the party en route. They’ll then check their phone watching for the several hours while growing increasingly annoyed / concerned / worried that they’ve been stood up. After a few occasions, the penny will drop that when a Carioca says they’re arriving, it basically means they haven’t abandoned the plans and often will get to a particular point. They may be just getting in the shower and intending to have got a leisurely breakfast before going, but hold tight mainly because they will show up.

On one other hand, if somebody says they’ll deliver “se Deus quiser” (“if God wants”), it’s almost certain they’ll turn into a no-show.