Worst flood since 1979 hits Venice

Worst flood since 1979 hits Venice


Heavy rain over the last few days has caused Venice, the famous town of canals, to get largely submerged. Because of the ongoing hazardous conditions, schools happen to be closed and officials are discouraging non-essential travel.

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While high tides are widespread in Venice — the area often experiences some flooding between October and December — Monday’s flooding is unlike anything metropolis has witnessed for decades. The tide has risen an astounding five feet, three inches above sea level, flooding over 77 percent with the city, and making this the highest tide recorded since 1979. Barriers happen to be placed across doorways of businesses and homes to attend the stream, and shopkeepers are employing buckets to get rid of water from them shops. The enduring Piazza San Marco was completely submerged, now resembling a lake more than a town square.

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And it’s not just Venice being battered through the wind and rain. Rome also issued a warning for strong winds, heavy rain, and violent storms, especially in the region’s coastal areas. The winds have caused dozens of trees across Rome to get uprooted, and popular sites such as the Colosseum and Pompeii are temporarily closed. Just south of Rome, two people died every time a falling tree hit their car, and Liguria, for the north, a girl was struck and killed by debris blown off a building.

Although today the tides need to somewhat subside, they should still to utilise about three feet above sea level, keeping around 12 percent of the city submerged.