8 explanations why Lima is much more Over a Layover

8 explanations why Lima is much more Over a Layover


Located next to the Estadio Nacional downtown, Parque en Reserva wears a water and lights show called Circuito Magico de Agua (entrance fee: not as much as $2). The park itself created series of fountains, lit up and synchronized with classical and Peruvian music.

Even if fountains aren’t your thing, watching the hyperactive children dodging their way over the squirts water is worthwhile.

2. Barranco

Barranco is among the most trendiest places in Lima, especially at nighttime, simply because of its edgy, artsy vibe.

One of the most effective locales in Lima for live music is La Noche. Together with one of the most popular clubs and bars, it’s onto the end of Bolognesi Street.

3. Larcomar

Though Larcomar is probably the tourist hot-spots in Lima, I still recommend it. The complex can be a mini mall — complete with Pizza Hut, Starbucks, or a KFC — already a part of the cliffs higher than the beach in Miraflores.

The best place enjoying (or perhaps 6pm sunset drink) in Lima is among the cafes that hangs on the cliffs, which contains nearly unobstructed views of miles of shoreline.

4. Lima’s Center

The main Plaza de Armas down the middle of town features several colonial government buildings. After that, create a stroll down Jiron de la Union, once the center of commercialism and capitalist success stories, and after this a somewhat decaying reminder of downtown Lima’s former grandeur.

While you’re in the center, I additionally recommend going to the catacombs inside the San francisco bay area church/convent and taking a trip nearly San Cristobal, a hill having a huge cross along with a examine Lima’s sprawling expanse.

5. Polvos Azules

If you’re thinking about buying souvenirs (pirated DVDs, cheap clothes, or home theatre systems) do it at Polvos Azules. It’s right next to the center of town (several blocks from Plaza de San Marcos) which is a significant warehouse stuffed with privately owned stands.

Peru is recognized — mainly because of economist Hernando de Soto — for their “extralegal” economy, as a result of restrictions to entering the legal market. What you will really see at Polvos is generally illegal, but tolerated and accepted as the regular methods for working.

6. Las Brisas del Titicaca

One of the most extremely professional places to observe live Peruvian dancing is Las Brisas del Titicaca (located at the very first block of Brasil Avenue).

Their show features music and dancing spanning decades and cultures. As a possible added bonus, the audience is invited onstage to indicate their dance skills between numbers.

7. The Museo de la Nacion

This museum has a extensive exhibit of photographs in the 2 decades of violence Peru suffered from 1980-2000 from the terrorist group Sendero Luminoso along with the National Army.

Other displays of great interest, such as the reputation the potato (now claimed in international politics to be the key to solving world hunger problems!), will also be on show.

8. Peaceful parks

Lima has some very nice hidden parks. If you’re craving an open-air meal lunch from a peaceful environment, definitely the is at San Isidro (one more great district rarely trod by tourist boots) called Parque el Olivar for your olive trees. Warning: don’t pick any olives — there’s a superb!