Photograph of the week: Finished Monica Muscle Beach

Photograph of the week: Finished Monica Muscle Beach


A young man uses your exercise rings in Santa Monica’s Muscle Beach at sun. Located just southerly of Santa Monica Docking station and dating on the 1930s, this is the authentic Muscle Beach; a more famous cousin, two miles southerly in Venice, was not well-known until the 1950s. Before, Hollywood stars such as Kirk Douglas and also Mae West have flexed his or her muscles here, along with former Mr Universes and internationally known bodybuilders from all over the globe.

The perfect spot for walking the dog, Summer weekends sees Muscle Beach filled with gymnasts, body builders and acrobats, all strutting their things on the golden sands. An irresistible image opportunity as the solar sets over the Pacific Ocean.

Santa Monica Muscle Beach

Thank you to Jon Hicks of Jon Hicks Images?for permission to reproduce the image.

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