5 islands you’ll want to visit on the 'To the west Coast'...

5 islands you’ll want to visit on the 'To the west Coast' of Kenya


Kenya is well known for its ?out from Africa? experiences, especially the bush and seaside safaris. Its sandy bright beaches rank seeing that some of the best in The african continent, particularly those in the North and South Coast of Mombasa. Alternative well-known beaches can be found even more north in Watamu, Malindi as well as Lamu.

Little is known of the ?Western world Coast? of South africa with sandy beach locations found on the shores with Lake Victoria islands. One can opt to do the ?West Coast? Islands and combine it with frequently Maasai Mara or Serengeti national parks. By Homa Bay, the Islands can be accessed by route from Kisii or by simply air through Mfangano Airstrip, Homa Bay Airstrip or Rusinga Airstrip which are of Rusinga Island Resort.

1. Rusinga Island

Rusinga Island is the largest island on the Kenyan side of Lake Victoria. The main business activities is fishing. There’s also pockets of residents practicing small scale producing. At night one are unable to help but smirk at the magnificent lighting style by lamps towed by fishing boats, that from a distance can be mistaken for an international airport runway. The solace found here is unmatched. Lodgings can be found at Rusinga Island destinations Lodge, an 11-room Sea front resort which will guarantee you a peaceful place to enjoy the getaway.

Rusinga Island

2. Litare Islands

Located 30 minutes through traditional fishing boats and much than 10 minutes through speed boats from Rusinga Island, this island enjoys fishing. This is the most important economic activity. An excursion round the village listed here takes around 30 minutes. During the day women can be seen dehydrating dagaa (small-sized type of fish) how the men fished at nighttime. Fishing is done during the night time? as this? is the? very best? time? to catch? what kind? of? fish? found? in this? part of sea? Victoria.

Litare Islands

3. Takawiri Island

Tucked between Mbasa and Mfangano hawaiian islands is Takawiri, arguably one of the most scenic with a combined blue water and white sand. You will learn to achieve beauty at it is best once you find the shores for this Island. Takawiri Resort may be a privately owned property and also you need to book beforehand for either meal. You can spend the night about this resort, go to Mfangano Is Governors Camp or visit Rusinga Island Resort.

Takawiri Island

4. Mbasa Islands

Many consumers call this place the Fowls Island as it is mainly reserved for its chickens species; the local consumers call it Mbasa Island. Like a bird’s sanctuary, no one is allowed to live the following. People only check out and go surrounding the Island in fishing vessels. 100 plus chicken species can be found in this article. The birds largely depend on the angling villages for nutrition as they eat almost all the fish (dagaa) caught via the fishermen.

Mbasa Island

Being a bird’ersus island, there is no lodge or resort. You’ll want to have packed lunch in case on a birding Chrome. One can opt to shell out the night at Takawiri Lodge, Rusinga Island Resort as well as Mfangano Governor?s Camp.

5. Mfangano Islands

On the actual east side for Lake Victoria is Mfangano Region, which in turn lies to your west of Rusinga Island. It?s the second biggest island on the Kenyan section of Lake Victoria. Its inhabitants live on the shores of the ocean. Fishing is the principal economic activity. The Island can be accessed by boats or by a good airstrip owned by the Mfangano Governors Get away.

Mfangano Island

On it lies Mfangano Island Camp, a premier high end camp owned by the actual Governor?s Camps company that will leave a long-lasting memory once you visit the place. Surrounded by huge fig trees and an previously cool breeze in the water tides, this high-class accommodation is all you have from the bush everyday living either from Maasai Mara or maybe the Serengeti.

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