A bright Christmas and New Year with Madrid

A bright Christmas and New Year with Madrid


When I first got to The city in 2002 I have to say I was not specifically impressed with what was on offer at Christmas but Madrid has come a long way since then and that year is no exclusion. In addition to all the monuments, museums, and pursuits in Madrid, the town is packed with excellent achievements to do whether with or without kids. I have never noticed so many different activities to be had in Madrid.


Christmas lighting fixtures, markets, ice skating, international christmas festival and more. One big difference on holiday regarding the Christmas season is that it is a week greater than in most of Countries in europe and North America, Present cards 6th is celebrated seeing that Three Kings Time with great targets.? It is really as massive, if not bigger, in comparison to the 25th for all the young ones.? Three Kings Working day is the day people open most of their provides; they even have a big montre in which the three kings ride into town and make their way as a result of Plaza Mayor.


Here are my personal top things to do and find out in Madrid with regard to Christmas 2016.

International Christmas Reasonable of Cultures

The cultural give attention to Conde Duque will celebrate xmas from around the world, from Teen to 22 November, with the colors for diversity. It will be your celebration of the Yuletide International Fair regarding Cultures. In collaboration with any embassies in Madrid higher than 40 countries globally and foreign ethnic institutes. Traditional dances regarding Christmas and Chinese language New Year, Palestine or Israel, carols coming from Guatemala, Ecuador and Ukraine, when using the festive cuisine involving Argentina, Lebanon and Ireland. It’s going to have a special storytelling, via Japan, China, In india, Africa, Latin The states.

Light Festival

This year, the Madrid R