Top 3 Pantanal lodges with Brazil

Top 3 Pantanal lodges with Brazil


The Brazilian Pantanal is a animals haven and one of the highest places in Latin America for fowls and mammals. The best flood plain on this planet, it spans 53 thousand hectares offering an interesting array of wildlife together with birds and gorgeous views. The celebrity of the wildlife is usually without doubt the jaguar. ThePpantanal is the better place in the world to see jaguars and while sightings in the wild are never guaranteed, the likelihood is high, particularly if staying at one of these lodges, these best lodges in the Pantanal which are great for jaguar finding.

Caiman Ecological Refuge

The Caiman Ecological Shelter offers real luxury within the Pantanal with not one but two stunning properties despite an incredible setting via the floodplains which provides a great combined comfort and fabulous wildlife viewing options. It?s the best place to stay in the Pantanal.


Caiman Green Refuge is located on the 53 thousand hectare rnch in the southern Pantanal for Mato Grosso do Sul and is a beautiful destination.

The property has two lodges, your Baiazinha Lodge and the Cordilheira Settle which are spread 22kms apart. The lodges are usually accessed by roads or light airplane from Campo Grande. The two lodges function separately as they are remote through each other, are self-contained and possess their own restaurant, combine, guides, vehicles in addition to excursions.


A jaguar tracking chrome is included in both hotels in the high season and lots of optional jaguar safaris are available all climates and seasons.

The Baiazinha Lodge is a bird-shaped place, located on the shores of your lake, with Half-dozen standard rooms ornamented in traditional ranch style.

The Cordilheira Lodge has 5 double packages, decorated in present-day style. Each of these provides a separate bedroom along with living room, bathroom, powder room and veranda. There is also a pool on the deck, surrounded by the actual vast expanse with the Pantanal landscape.

Caiman Ecological Personal space also runs a crucial conservation programme (including 2 successful initiatives focusing on jaguars and hyacinth macaws, that guests can get involved in).

This really is a special accommodation if you want to get up near Brazilian wildlife along with hopefully spot the jaguar.

Barranco Alto

The Pantanal in Fazenda Barranco Alto is a unique environment of stunning streams, vast floodplains, water-lily and reed lagoons, salty ponds, shady hardwoods glades and rich savannah grasslands. The fazenda is a traditional cow ranch still encased in the original constructing with four comfortable en-suite guest rooms detailed with air-conditioning and private verandas.


The seclusion of the location as well as the limited number of rooms make for a truly passionate Pantanal experience. In order to start to see the most wildlife visitors arise early in the actual mornings before the sun’s rays breaks over the horizon. Each day’s path is different, marked by way of the Pantanal’s ever-changing panorama associated with sights and noises. Bursting with life, any bush continuously shifts and transforms when you pass through the plains either on foot, open-vehicle, canoe or on horses.


On Barranco Alto Farm you will have the scarce opportunity to witness any morning fishing of a giant otter family as dawn breaks, take notice of the ritual of alligator multiplying and, with chance and patience, to see a jaguar.

The hotel can be accessed by motor vehicle or, more easily by way of light aircraft; a great hour’s flight from Campo Grande.

Barra Mansa

Barra Mansa Lodge is strategically positioned via the Rio Negro (Negro River), renowned among the list of most attractive parts of this Pantanal. Accessed most effortlessly by light plane due to its remote place, it offers an authentic together with idyllic experience and a second of the best locations from the Pantanal for spotting jaguars.


The hotel has 6 flats all screened plus equipped with air conditioning, admirer and hot bath areas. In addition, the resort also offers restaurant, drink station, laundry service, sleeping sacks in the open, satellite TV, mobile phone service, internet instant, library, orchard, souvenir go shopping, small aircraft clinching strip and sportfishing equipment for rental.


Delicious standard meals are prepared along with fresh organic compounds on a wood cooktop. Barra Mansa Lodge offers a good atmosphere in an remote and privileged location, offering the best for the best complete experience in the particular Pantanal.

A wide range of tours plus activities are available to examine the great variety of habitats and areas of the property, either by boats and canoes on the striking Negro River, or by horseback and strolling trails through astounding forests, lagoons and spectacular landscapes.

The transfer towards Lodge takes close to one hour from Campo Grandes, the main city in the South Pantanal.

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