5 superb suffers from in Skofja Loka, Slovenia

5 superb suffers from in Skofja Loka, Slovenia


From Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, many different excursions await the actual tourist. Our initial choice for a trip lower Slovenia?s memory ln was Skofja Loka, the 1000 year old town of which lies snugly inside confluence of two streams. Considered one of the most fantastically preserved medieval areas in Slovenia, Skofja Loka provided many superb experiences.

5 superb experiences in Skofja Loka - environment

Look in Loka Castle, a remnant on the past

Skofja is as picturesque as one could wish for and features deserved the names with ?Gallery in Nature?, or perhaps ?Bishop?s Meadow?.? Loka Fort was once the hold of the bishopdom.

5 superb experiences in Skofja Loka, Slovenia, Loka castle

The two Dei Cappuccini links across the Sora River will be the welcoming rendezvous and image points in Skofja. From this point the elevated Loka Castle promptly catches the visitor?verts eye. The tree-lined go walking uphill rewarded united states with wonderful sights of the countryside as well as the city profile connected with old Slovenian red-tiled homesteads below. Most people spent some time for the castle museum to view its selection of middle ages crafts and work, archaeological and ethnological demonstrates. It gives a full report on the country?s historical past, art and culture. Weddings held with this picturesque castle upon Saturdays would be a bonus!

5 superb experiences in Skofja Loka, Slovenia, shaded lane to Loka castle

Saunter by using a ancient city

The Old Area is mainly for people on the streets and opens a good window on the Slovenian structure and history of years gone by. As we joined throught he Old Village Gate, and stepped leisurely along the most important cobblestone thoroughfare, we came aross an old drinking fountain (1881) and also the pillar altar ,?The possible of Mary? (1751) assembled by inhabitants since protection against troubles and fires throughout olden days.

5 superb experiences in Skofja Loka, Slovenia, decorative window

Taste Slovenian delicatessen

As it was a good Saturday, we the good thing is also came across a hectic handicraft market using Slovenian handmade items and merchandise. We bought some of the special Slovenian honey together with cinnamon biscuits (designed designs in cash molds). In the centre in the old town, a huge old chestnut shrub offered shade designed for pedestrians relaxing along at the circular open-air coffee shop about its trunk. Mestni Trg? will be the main ? lower? sq . where we saw a number of old medieval residences, the town hall plus a variety of old ?traditional? and antique outlets.

5 superb experiences in Skofja Loka, Slovenia, main street

Feel the spiritual tone of Skofja

We ventured inside St Jakob?s community center with its Bell Tower, for any glimpse of the decorative black marble ceremony, chandeliers and limit paintings. This is where the particular Slovenian Passion Play is accomplished by over 1000 local inhabitants through Easter. I even now clearly remember the time striking twelve even as we sat there; the idea contributed much to your almost sacred look we felt down the middle of the old town.

5 superb experiences in Skofja Loka, Slovenia, church interior

Relax inside the countryside around Skofja

From your ?upper? square in Skofja, a small tourist teach departs to the zones surrounding the town. Line upon row connected with cultivated vineyards, inviting green forests and wide open fields coloration a beautiful environment throughout the town. At the well-located meeting point for customers,?sits the Vinotheka Lontrg, a little wine tasting specialist for the recommended number of Slovenian wines ? the perfect ceasing to a good day of sightseeing in Skofja.

5 superb experiences in Skofja Loka, Slovenia, vineyard environment

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