Top 5 restaurants with Guayaquil, Ecuador

Top 5 restaurants with Guayaquil, Ecuador


A city is numerous things: its landscapes, a people, and their day-to-day lives… But for many, an urban area is above all it is flavors. A traveller knows that a kitchen experience of a place might make the difference between a fantastic memory and one that they can?d rather forget.

Guayaquil by Night

Guayaquil ? the second largest city around Ecuador and the jump-off city to get visiting its Galapagos Iss ? is rich in high-quality cuisine. It is well recognized for its ?huecos? (small ?pockets in the wall? in which actually some of the best conventional food is served). Even so, being a cosmopolitan and also modern city, Guayaquil at the same time boasts amazing intercontinental cuisine. Food coming from many places around the world, blend of cuisine and a stylized type of national plates are one of the culinary offerings in this port city of great touristic and commercial future.

If you want to discover Guayaquil via its best cafes, here is our list of the “Top 5.” Go to them and turn any “Pearl of the Pacific” (as numerous people call this area) into a place for you to?ll want to come back to for many reasons ?although above all for its impressive food.

1. Restaurant Ce Gourmet

Specialty: signature cuisine

Hotel Oro Verde?vertisements Le Gourmet Eating place is recognized as one of the best near you. Its concept is obvious: signature meals in the classic and elegant feeling. Dishes with particular touches, resulting from any blend of experience plus creativity of the cooking, are the trademark of this restaurant, which is perfect for romantic or organization dinners.

Le Gourmet Restaurant

?Art in your kitchen? is what you could phone what is prepared right here. Imagine an noodles of Pangora chocolates, or maybe bluefin tuna ceviche with grape milk, or naranjilla, or chochos and lemon. Create a main course of cook duck magret with mashed quinoa, pickled beans and pears saut