The top 3 luxurious hotels in Sao Paulo

The top 3 luxurious hotels in Sao Paulo


S?o Paulo is primarily an organization destination for most vacationers to the city so frequently bypassed by visitors however it is a city along with huge appeal, Brazilian?s best restaurants and shopping and endless nightlife. With good reason it has an endless number of hotels including a volume of excellent 5 star homes. Here?s our top three Extravagance Hotels in Ohydrates?o Paulo which most of us visited on a recent visit the city.

Hotel Unique

The Motel Unique is one of the nearly all visually stunning inns in the world. Standing beyond the hotel you could be checking out a hotel, a ship or simply a giant game of Connect4!


Located close to Ibirapuera Park, the Hotel Exclusive simply oozes model. As you enter the enormous lobby area that you’re greeted by a lengthy freestanding table which often acts as the party where attentive staff members offer you champagne whilst you check into this brilliant and airy room.

Attached the lobby is the Wall bar using an imposing array of state of mind climbing up the retaining wall to the ceiling and neighbouring the small catalogue with comfy layout chairs you can easily drift off to sleep in.


Close to the library is access to the health spa, fitness area and also a swimming pool which comes filled with water slide that has a TV placed across the end of the fall. If you go up and down good enough, you could probably enjoy a whole football recreation?

The elevators and corridors are dimly lit to build mood which you may never enjoy if you are petrified of the dark in addition to lead you to the a bedroom. The rooms usually are stylish with portholes regarding windows and all areas are designed the same when using the suites just because big bigger. We all loved the toilets with the wall/window that elevates up allowing you to always be lying in the shower and conversing with your significant other on the bed. Most of the suites are at a ends of the setting up and incorporate your curvy floors which can be created by the building?azines exterior design.


On the very best floor is the diner and attached will be the truly stunning Skye Drink station which is one of the areas to be seen in Vertisements?o Paulo. From here you’ll be able to relax in the dazzling red swimming pool and have a caipirinha overlooking the S?o Paulo skyline.


If you are looking for somewhere out of this world to stay whilst on visit to S?o Paulo than the will be it.

Hotel Fasano

The Lodge Fasano set the standard for all additional luxury hotels inside Sao Paulo to follow and still at this time, many years after the item first opened, very little has changed. Located on a nice road that flows parallel with the browsing delights offered upon Rua Oscar Freire, its art deco outer walls is home the most beautiful lobby, a large enticing area with a extensive bar not to be mistaken for the reception table! Immediately you get a sense of the hotels sophisticated style, dark woods and fashionable leather seats.

The wedding reception desk is stashed around the corner and close into the Fasano restaurant which is one of many highlights of the hotel and this was the cafe which made Rogerio Fasano well known, the hotels came 2nd. The Fasano restaurant is frequently considered the best Italian restaurant in South America and a place to rise above the crowd. The restaurant accommodates up to 80 family and friends and includes a personalized room that can seat up to 26 individuals in a stylish design which can be typical of the Fasano identity.


Close to the restaurant is definitely the fabulous Bar Baretto, an intimate live music together with jazz bar, that has been considered by the Structure Street Magazine as ?the most beautiful bar in the world? and regularly hosts top rated performers.


The bedrooms aren’t anything but elegant having beautiful panoramic vistas over the leafy Jardins neighborhood. The elegant, subdued d