5 Andean markets designed to take you back in time

5 Andean markets designed to take you back in time


If you want a souvenir of your trip to the Andes, dress in?t settle for the last-minute purchase at the duty-free retailer. Ever since the Simple spanish imposed their city-planning kinds on Andean communities, a central square includes served as a get together place where people can peddle their items and catch up with their neighbors. Marketplaces during the Andes are places to buy as well as experience Andean traditions ? much of the art and also the produce you will see are completely unique to the place.

Visiting these markets gives you to a place where you can purchase one-of-a-kind gifts with regard to friends and family back home, together with simultaneously support local neighborhoods. Keeping the consideration in these types of crafts will help ensure that Andean craftsmen and girls continue to pass lower their traditions for you to new generations.

Otavalo Sector, Imbabura, Ecuador

Otavalo Market is one of the most well known cultural attractions around Ecuador?s highlands. Indigenous peoples descend from their remote houses in the mountains to sell his or her colorful textiles within Otavalo?s main sq.

Ecuador Otavalo Market Above

This is primarily a linen market, with different different types of crafts ? like self-made dolls and jewelry ? separating the stacks regarding woven colors. As you stroll through the forex market you?ll quite possibly start to feel light headed at the sight regarding so many bright tones. Peruvians favor neon lilac and orange, interspersed with sharp shades regarding blue.

Ecuador Otavalo Textile Market Man

Otavalo Market is another good destination for buying Panama hats ? known more accurately as ?paja toquilla? caps. Paja toquilla is the name in the palm tree along with stiff fronds that haberdashers weave to make these legendary hats. These types of lids originated in Ecuador, and then produced their may solution to Panama, where many American visitors first encountered them ? to ensure the misnomer.

This market is at the peak on Saturdays, early in the morning. For those who arrive early enough an individual?ll also get to determine local livestock, such as pens of squeaking guinea pigs.

Chichicastenango Sector, El Quich