5 reasons to firefox in South Luangwa Nation’s Park

5 reasons to firefox in South Luangwa Nation’s Park


Located in Zambia, just over any border from its little neighboring country Malawi, Southern area Luangwa National Park has become the greatest wildlife sanctuaries on the globe.? Known for its outstanding variety of wildlife, your park guarantees steady sightings of hippos, antelope and crocodiles. Auction web sites 60 different canine species and 4 hundred bird species, South Luangwa has one of the highest wildlife densities in Southeast Africa. Sadly, rhinos ended up being poached out of the area in 1987, which means the area can?t brag the Big 5. Nonetheless, this is no reason to not prioritize a visit ? To the south Luangwa is just as ideal for any first-time safari goer as the qualified African explorer. This is why?


South Luangwa hosts the planet?s densest naturally occurring human population of leopards!?This means that guides can practically assure a close sighting for every single website visitor.

South Luangwa Leopard

This traditionally elusive along with mythical species is invariably the treasure hunt of an safari ? having this sort of regular access is often a unique asset to the park.

Birding paradise

The park lays at an ideal healthy crux allowing for any viewing of both traditionally eastern Africa birds as well as the southern area of African species. South Luangwa provides spectacular small rodent life all-year-round. Not only does your park welcome traveling to species, it has a variety of resident birds. Including, Dickinson’s Kestrel, Miombo Wren-warbler, Nyasa Lovebird together with White-breasted sunbird.


A highlight for anyone viewing South Luangwa in late September and early Sept . is the arrival connected with southern-carmine bee-eaters. This gorgeous and brightly colored species arrive in the thousands to breed. Watching these minor, rainbow colored hen?s swarm out of their riverbank nests is an unforgettable web page that even non-bird fanatics will find magical outside of description.

Walking and canoeing safaris

Did you know that the going for walks safari was developed in South Luangwa?! Consequently several luxury accommodations offer guided hikes through the park in optimal viewing hours.

Canoeing safari South Luangwa

Enjoying a walking or simply canoeing safari grants visitors a completely several perspective than the old fashioned game drive. Visitor?s safety is a top priority and firefox goers are able to take note of the small details of the actual flora, fauna and insects that you usually may go unnoticed.


The recreation area offers several unique viewing seasons. Your dry season (July-November) tends to be the most popular as it is very easy to spot the dense animals in the clear bush. Even so, the rainy (December-June) early spring hosts baby creatures, flowers and remarkable rejuvenation.

Warthog South Luangwa

Any time of year delivers something unique ? the seasons are relatively foreseeable and reliable head to operators can give you a more rewarding idea of the year?vertisements predictions and fauna migration based on annual car park measurements.

Variety of superior accommodation, guides as well as researchers

The park, resorts and facilities mostly make use of locals. This means, for a visitor, you are able to become liked by them and support the local people. There are also many busy internationally recognized homework initiatives taking place in the park ? this means your visit is also directly contributing to overarching conservation plans.


The various lodges through the park offer numerous world-class amenities as well as personalized viewing opportunities. One can find lodges and hotels speckled both inside and outside a park; it is worthy of taking the time to stay for multiple locations to secure a taste of the diverseness of which the recreation area is so well known.

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