5 unmissable Autumn deals with in Barcelona

5 unmissable Autumn deals with in Barcelona


Each season in Barcelona has its own special wonders, from wrapping up cozy and feeling this crisp sea snap as you take a walk around Barceloneta in winter, to longer lazy summer days in the city?vertisements many terrace watering holes. Autumn has arrived, taking with it the whisper of several treats which might be especially pleasant for you to indulge in at this time of the season. Here are a few of our nearby favourites.

1. Pamper by yourself at the Arabic Baths

Autumn foliage swirl along Passeig Picasso, a beautiful road that borders the particular Ciutadella Park. As atmosphere darken and a sprang leaks of rain falls, people start to throw themselves under the shelter in the porticos or into the stylish bars and eateries along this lengthen. A tall wood made door at number 22 provides a web destination to another level of high-class and pampering, within the Arabic Baths. Ponds with different temperatures water are especially designed to loosen up and stimulate everyone over. How about a good brisk dip during the cold pool accompanied by a lengthy loll in the bubbling Jacuzzi? Or sweating it all out in a great Arabic style haman? Expert masseurs are also available, their scented oils and angel hands and fingers are sure to dispel any sort of stress that you have already been carrying around all day.

Arabic Baths in Barcelona

2. Have pleasure in chocolate and churros

Surely candy is the ultimate mid-september indulgence. Barcelona has lots of excellent bakeries and patisseries which you could enjoy quality goodies, but we?debbie like to recommend this kind of Catalan favourite. Churros are longer donut-like fingers, a sinful huge of fried sugar which is irreverently dunked into a glass of thick hot chocolate. And when we say deep, we mean any churros would stand up directory if you let them. Your Petritxol Caf