The fabulous Some in the Dolomites

The fabulous Some in the Dolomites


The popular Cinque Terre on the German Riviera are a cluster of 5 fishing villages positioned on the cliffs that will overlook the Mediterranean Sea. People from far and wide have a stop here on their visit to Italy. The vibrant colors of the old homes, the spectacular coast hikes and the everlasting company of the seashore make this an amazing and endearing location.

Cinque Terre

Very a number of these tourists realize that far above amidst this peaks of the French Dolomites, lie a bunch of five mountain towns that have now teamed up to form the “3 or more Peaks in the Dolomites” down region. Nestled within the feet of magic towers that accomplish up from emerald green meadows to touch heaven and surrounded by the network of amazing mountain trails. This unique mountain region will be rich in culture along with enchanting beauty when traditions are retained and nature is incredibly respected and conserved.

Three Peaks


This small town is usually immersed among earth-friendly pastures and surrounded by many of the most famous peaks with the Dolomites. It is the ideal beginning point for magnificent walks in summer plus the hub of the rock climbing area in winter.?Choose from your comfortable valley stroll, fascinating alpine paths and round tours of the renowned Three Peaks of Lavaredo. Presenting both a line car to reach the top Helm mountain or a gondola for the Croda Rossa, both important mountain tops in summer and also winter.


San Candido/Innichen

The most popular of your five towns, delivering elegant shopping, luxurious bars and past monuments. It is the dwelling of the most important Romanesque building with the whole alpine vicinity; the Collegiate cathedral of the 13th one hundred year. This town was visited by Austrian emperors for it’s beneficial thermal marine environments. San Candido is one of Italy’s most significant skiing resorts. In summer it is the addition of the a very popular cycling road which stretches in excess of 45 km into Austria.

San Candido


The composer Gustav Mahler were located and composed for a period of his life within Dobbiaco and therefore the town is the venue for many performances and other cultural occasions. It is also considered to be one of Italy’s foremost cross-country skiing resorts and the picture for many international races. An important cross-country trail connects Dobbiaco to Cortina and in summer this is a scenic bicycle trail. Dobbiaco is also the house of ?Europe’e best extravagance multi-brand store, Franz Kraler. The most important wave power plant is in this town and supplies almost all of the area with an electrical source.



In Villabassa attending a Kneipp appointment is an absolute have to. The village is the first the first Kneipp fr mich outdoors Spa adventure village in Italy, with a large spa difficult for the whole family. The particular railway station is certainly close to the centre and ideal connections and relaxing, car-free holidays. The town has a Tourism Gallery which documents a history of tourism in the community.



Nestled in the Fanes- Senes-Braies nature car park and surrounded by the lacework of spires, this is certainly one of Italy’s hidden gems. A Braies Lake is one of the a lot of photographed lakes on the globe and has been a scene for many flicks and TV series. The actual Braies valley is also renowned for it’s many comes and themed hikes. The mountains surrounding the body of water offer breathtaking treks for all levels.


These could be the “Five Lands” far from the water and up in the ambiance of the off-the-beaten path Northeast of Italy. An extraordinary area, in the midst of the most striking and stunning mountains in the world. An amazing surprise for those who dare search for a unique experience.

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