7 luxury spots for VIP jetsetters

7 luxury spots for VIP jetsetters


You don?t ought to visit L.Some sort of for Hollywood attraction; there are plenty of other vacation spots where the world?s fashionable elite meet to experience luxury during its finest along with superb and highly discreet service where your every need is catered for. Here are the top 7 destinations for the plane setting elite:


Home towards star studded international flick festival, there is a lot to adore relating to this south of Spain destination. Whilst the majority of the action is coupled La Croisette, the question are going to be which new modern pop up bar would be the best place to be ?experienced?, and Cannes is the place the place connections count. Your hotel concierge is going to be an invaluable source of info as to which are the the best places to visit and will plan access.


St Tropez

This glamorous pool has been attracting names like international socialites and jet-setters following Bridget Bardo?s visit in the 1950s to this quaint fishing village. A lot like Cannes, St Tropez is the place in order to ?see and be witnessed?. Home in the summer to a lot super yachts of course glistening tans, E Tropez draws in the A-list packed areas who enjoy observing the action from very far from the bay, voyaging ashore to enjoy the casinos and high ending restaurants, or the shore clubs along the Fresh of Pampelonne including the mythical Club 55 for supper and of course, Ros Piscine.

St Tropez


The high profile Fone Grand Prix excels the world?s focus on this stylish location, when yachts of your rich and famous line up over the Mediterranean coast for this French microstate. However all year long its glitzy online casino evokes the suaveness and sophistication of a Bond flick and the exclusive Very important personel nightclubs and trendy cafes are where you?ll find the elite established enjoying their period.

New York

As one of the world?azines favourite destinations, just what exactly?s not to adore about this iconic and magnificent city a premier destination for international jet setters. Whilst you will find there’s great selection of Private room hotel suites supplying the luxury of good measurements and great opinions of the city, a private travel agent will have relationships with the best agents in the city with all the finest private houses only available ?off sector?. Whilst revered to its designer shopping there is a considerable shift since the city becomes a famed foodie destination. The city?verts food scene inside constantly changing with its trendy pop up restaurants therefore be sure to ask your proficient private travel agent are you ready for up and coming places to check out.

Central Park, New York City


During the summer visitors sign up to hear the best DJs in the world play their pieces over the much famed season. However out from the party scene the following elegant island allures a loyal following to the beautiful cooled atmosphere of is life. One of the more popular destinations for high end villas, these real estate provide the privacy for giant groups who want to avoid the limelight and merely kick back and calm down within a stunning getaway. A villa concierge will prove crucial during your stay with gaining access to the best Private room villa parties, preparing transport across the island often a driver while having your stay, to furnishing up to date information plus access to the best DJs, golf equipment and of course access to the famous opening and closing parties of this year.

Ibiza Town


Beautiful sandy white islands and clear turquoise waters are synonymous with the Caribbean which provides the breathtaking backdrop out of which to enjoy superb high quality luxury hotels, personal yachts or even personalized islands with the best of service standards. Each one island provides a difference experience and destinations such as Anguilla not only draws the rich and famous but also present you with a low key plus chilled atmosphere designed for guests to enjoy his or her privacy ? all the while owning their every require catered for – together with melt away into the treats of island lifestyle.


Located on the southern word of advice of Mexico rests the stunning Shedd Cabos where the exclusive and luxurious resorts nestle on the pristine beaches and provide any playboy?s (as well as playgirl?s) paradise to get surfing, parasailing and scuba diving. Home to world-class reef fishing and championship the sport of golf, this is destination for the greater adventurous jet-setter looking to maximise their time during that long weekend vacation.

Los Cabos

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