Discover fine crafts in Ecuador's Azuay Domain

Discover fine crafts in Ecuador's Azuay Domain


Southern Ecuador?s Azuay Province is just about the most important and wealthiest tourist areas in the united states. Its capital, Cuenca ? announced a World Heritage Site by UNESCO ? is a lovely Andean city characterized by a red-tile roofs and thin streets in which time frame seems to have stood however. The beauty and quality of use of this small community, crossed by streams and surrounded by lovely natural sites, make it a place frequented by thousands of vacationers every year, including 100s of foreigners (not to mention their community of the marketplace and old American expatriates).


However, Azuay Domain is also an important center of beautiful and high-quality crafts. Its people have preserved these important techie and cultural ways of life, handed down from down the family. A long list is created by handicrafts similar to fine filigree jewelry, weaved straw hats; inspired cast iron, copper in addition to bronze works; very carefully crafted pieces of ceramic and ceramics (especially recipes), carving, cabinetmaking, woodworking, fantastic fabrics (cloths, straps, raincoats and blouses); parts of porcelain, china and also earthenware; embossed imitation leather, stained glass, chandlery, stone works, etc. ? but these are just a few of the major handicrafts in the state.

As a traveler, you can obtain to know Azuay through the fastidiously created and patient work of its men and women. This is another way to construct a ?mental map? of your Ecuadorian province, which is thus culturally rich and diverse. Here we provide a simple tour of the three most important handicrafts in this Ecuadorian province.

The city of Cuenca

Ecuador’ersus third largest location (behind Guayaquil and Quito), Cuenca is among the most nation?s leading handicraft centers. For the streets of its historic district, it?vertisements common to find an array of workshops where fine art is produced together with sold. Cuenca is also a good place to buy the famous ?Panama Hat? (despite the fact that actually these hay hats originated at this point in Ecuador). In the Azuayan money, these beautiful sombreros can be purchased at reasonable prices throughout franchise stores found in various shops over the city.


Another famous sort of handicrafts in Cuenca is usually ceramics, especially housewares like dinnerware. Indeed, the precious, decorative and resistant individuality of plates along with dishes has become a brand of these goods within Azuay.

The origin of this hobby was with the to begin with pre-Columbian cultures that lived on the region. Eventually, the job was perfected on account of the fusion of local and Spanish techniques ? ones such as side modeling, the use of lathes, any ?huactana? technique, baking as well as varnishing, as these methods have been and developed eventually in complex as well as laborious processes.

One of the most important artists of the urban center, and one who is in addition recognized internationally, can be Eduardo Vega. Through his get the job done, this muralist and custom has contributed to community spaces in Ecuador and elsewhere in Latin America. In his gallery-workshop he creates and features public art, knick knacks and utilitarian components of high quality and good beauty.

Notwithstanding all of this, metropolis not only produces ceramics like kitchenware and home adornment; Cuenca is also involved in construction production through the production of ceramic roof mosaic glass, pavers and coatings.

In improvement, the city is a supply of embroidery. This work on several garments ? some of them using gold and silver works ? is unique for its beauty and also quality. But most likely one of the most elaborate and interesting branch of handicrafts here is the forging regarding ornamental and utilitarian objects. The most exceptional and complex shapes beautify lamps, railings, candlesticks, tables and chairs that on showed and sold in this community?s streets. Basketry, woodcarving in addition to pottery also stand out for their beauty in Cuenca.

The village of Chordeleg

The capital of scotland- Chordeleg, located approximately 40 km (24 miles) from Cuenca, was a good indigenous settlement in advance of Spanish colonization, while now it is a picturesque Andean community with cobblestone streets and traditional houses. It is central plaza and little park remain as meeting places pertaining to local people and as points of interest for visitors who seem to come there to buy candy, crafts, truck caps, clay figures, sewed goods, souvenirs, ice cream and more.


But if anything excels about this Azuayan village, the idea?s the work of the jewelry craftspeople. In the center of Chordeleg (as their name means ?older stream?) are more when compared with 100 jewelry shops. Walking along a streets and blocking in front of the windows and displays of these small shops, you will obtaining creativity, fine art and the talent with Azuay jewelers.

Although craftspeople here furthermore do a great deal of are employed pottery, straw weaving in addition to metals, jewelry will undoubtedly be the handicrafts legend in Chordeleg, a commune surrounded by beautiful landscaping and also declared any Heritage Site by way of UNESCO, in 2000. Marketing at moderate prices (especially when compared to the big cities), you can find okay work and unique variations that artisans were able for rings, pearl earrings, chains, bracelets and various pieces in platnium, white gold and silver precious metal. Jewelers also use gemstones such as emeralds, diamond jewelry, opals, topazes, pearls, aquamarines and others with jewelry that has attained worldwide fame, mainly since some of these were used in the Miss Market pageant held in Ecuador within 2004.

(An important information: For the peace of mind of those people who buy these pieces, the town of Chordeleg has an business that provides a close up of guarantee regarding jewelry produced presently there. This means that the owner of any kind of store selling these things must confirm that they have used 14k or 18k gold or 92.5% or 97.5% silver.)


After appreciating (and perhaps acquiring) some gem within this town, you can use a trip to visit the single most beautiful areas inside the province: Tres Lagunas (?Three Seas?). Located 25 km (15 miles) through Chordeleg, water flowing downward from the top of a mountain cascades from of these three big lakes to the next. Since waters are said to have healing properties, they have been used for this intent since ancient times by the indigenous peoples who have inhabited areas. Also, wildlife for instance rabbits, deer, skunks, Highland wolves, weasels are found here, in addition to small rodent species such as North american kestrels, Saw gulls, hummingbirds and ingests.

The town of Gualaceo

More than half the population of the capital of scotland – Gualaceo (52%, to be exact), is effective in the manufacture plus sale of shoes. This Andean village, which often retains its east architectural elements, contains a beautiful historic section that is filled with trading markets, parks, squares, riverbanks and also an ancient aqueduct.

Undoubtedly, though, Gualaceo is the most suitable known for its boot production. Using extremely modern production operations, the artisans on this village follow intercontinental tendencies and set outfits within the country. Formal footwear, athletic shoes together with footgear of all kinds are on demonstrate in a hundred retail outlets throughout Gualaceo, a whole village known for its abundant folklore.

In addition to this kind of handicraft, Gualaceo has another point of attraction: Ecuagenera. Nevertheless not a handicrafts supplier per se, unique and also exotic ?works of art? are created here by Ecuador’utes largest orchid laboratory. Every day sees the production of greater than 300 different orchids, plants that are recognized by the complexity and sweetness of their flowers. This specific laboratory/nursery also conducts guided tours of its conveniences and demonstrates particles cultivating these intriguing plants.


Around the town there are additional important tourist web pages, including protected all-natural reserve areas for instance Collay and Aguarongo, the San fran Waterfall, the Finished Barbara River; as well as town of San Juan, with its northeastern architecture and baroque-style properties.

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