Corgi Con is San Francisco’s fluffiest beach party

Corgi Con is San Francisco’s fluffiest beach party


You’ve read about Comic-Con, but why not consider Corgi Con? Over 950 corgis descended on San Francisco’s Ocean Beach earlier this week to your event, including an outfits contest, a race, and many relaxation time within the beach. Due to knew you needed Corgi Con until you missed Corgi Con, right? Luckily, those who did attend documented the slide structure, so you can feel like everyone else were there.

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If i really enjoy seeing you missed this year’s Corgi Con, don’t worry. Saturday, June 23rd is Corgi Beach Visit to Huntington Beach, CA, which bills itself because the “biggest corgi party on earth.” New york boasts corgi meetups over the fourth Saturday of each one month. Their event page reads:

“Imagine 9- stubby corgis frolicking for the park or running thru the surf. Imagine people laughing and discussing are they all similar and just what means they separate personalities. That’s what this meetup concerns.”

See, you will find the opportunity to ensure you get your corgi fix, or connect to other enthusiasts.