Skopje, Macedonia, carries a ridiculous quantity of odd statues. Allow me to...

Skopje, Macedonia, carries a ridiculous quantity of odd statues. Allow me to share the approaches you\’ll want to see.


A massive earthquake in 1963 destroyed most of the monumental appeal of the area, leading to its reconstruction as a modernist city. In an effort to boost its entrance charm, Skopje’s previous government thought to drop an awesome 260 million euros to generate a number of statues — despite the average Macedonian household only earning 1,730 euros per year — within a project titled Skopje 2019. Clearly there was some facade redevelopment in the sum, but an absolute focus from the project was adding these sculptures, the fact that government thought would instill national pride from your Macedonian people.

Spoiler alert: It didn’t.

Macedonians largely considered it a waste of money, and locals took to paint bombing lots of the costly monuments in disgust. Worse, some Macedonians believed the sculptures were useful to rewrite a brief history of Macedonia. Long-running tension has been online between Macedonia plus the neighboring region of Greek Macedonia above the use of the Macedonian name. The over-the-top facades and statues are located, by a few, to try to to misappropriate the of the Greek civilization of Macedonia.

The Art Bridge Leading to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Financial Police in Macedonia

Since its completion in 2019, though, Macedonians have gotten time to terms while using the monuments, and they’re more considered a nearby joke more than a reason for ire. (People prefer to say there are more statues than people, this is a stretch though not by much.) Like the work faults, one thing’s for sure: It\’s got generated the development of some rather interesting sights for visitors. Here’s tips on how to observe the most memorable such as.

Equestrian Warrior

View of the Macedonia square dominated by statue of alexander the great in skopje

At eight stories tall, you’re not going to miss that one. Located in the center of the city (and costing 7.5 million euros) is really a massive statue supposedly based on Alexander the truly great, resulting in a good deal of unrest with its Greek neighbors. Whilst the local airport has already established Alexander the good stripped from the name plus a statue in the historic figure removed, this statue, officially named Equestrian Warrior, has avoided being pulled down, at this point. A proposed renaming of the sculpture — ironically, to Alexander the truly amazing — might save it yet.


Big Bronze Fish Art Monument in Skopje, Macedonia

When one thinks of beautiful aquatic sculptures depicting the serenity in the sea, this is definitely what pops into their heads. A blobby looking fish, apparently with fin rot, situated in a dusty park opposite the Olympic Swimming. Produced by Grozdanka Kanikova, it truly is truly a motivation to us all when we are heading off for an off-the-cuff swim.

Pirate Ships of Skopje

The wooden ship restaurants serve Italian food on Varda River in Skopje, Macedonia

The rationale for including nothing but three pirate ships in Skopje remains mysterious. Macedonia is often a landlocked country, naturally. The best one includes a hotel and also a restaurant, which has surprisingly reasonable reviews. However, with the whole landlocked thing and due to low stone bridges on its rivers, no ships would\’ve made it to the harbor. However, you decide to do you, Skopje.

Two Girls

Girlfriends Shoppers Statues at Macedonia Square in Skopje, Macedonia

Another mysterious statue will be the one named Two Girls. Is it a commentary growing in number of the middle class in Skopje? Might it be discussing the rich tourists that come to gawk around this strange payday loan lenders statues? Did this author appreciate contempo-casual LA fashion, particularly visors? To know. It has become a selfie favorite amongst visitors, though.

Mother Teresa House

Memorial House of Mother Teresa in Skopje, Macedonia

If you will want subtle method to honor Mother Teresa, an Albanian born in Skopje, this one’s for you. Internal 2009, mom Teresa House, including a statue of Mother Teresa outside, is actually a rather glitzy try and memorialize the lifespan of Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, who took the name Mother Teresa and lived out her days to be a nun. The stained-glass window is often a totally new a higher level kitsch.


Poor Old Man Bronze Statue in Downtown Skopje, Macedonia

Apparently portraying Christ as being a beggar, this sculpture by local artist Natasa Bozarovska was among the first to get erected at the start of the Skopje project. The statue seems kind of ironic due to the fact, in 2012, one-third of Macedonians existed in poverty.


skopje giraffe sculpture

This piece could be the giant version of that creepy animal sculpture to purchase for your local hardware store, caked having an inch of dust because my own mail it. The best part of your eight-and-a-half-meter tall sculpture away from the Skopje Zoo is that it doesn\’t have a body. It’s a disembodied head huge on the ground, leading a person to wonder how creepy it becomes when it were anything except for a giraffe.

Girl with Guitar

Skopje, Macedonia, sculpture Woman with Guitar

Girl with Guitar apparently cost nearly 12 million euros to build. One thing regarding this girl is the fact that she appears she\’s holding that guitar mighty tight like she’s scared someone will steal it, and she or he also looks pretty sad, even so it adds up to an excellent photo.

Tree Man

Skopje, Macedonia, sculpture entitled Tree Man

If there is one common theme within the statues of Skopje, it’s the really unoriginal names directed at them. This statue by Damjan Gjurov is, unbelievably, assertive growing to be a tree. If you’ve ever felt the desire to determine a man grow spindly, branch-like appendages, you’re in luck.

Smizla and Heeey

Smizla and Heeey sculpture in Skopje, Macedonia

Yes, one of several statues is in fact called Heeey. Maybe the Macedonian’s heard us complaining about their unoriginal naming conventions. Smizla, like Two Girls, is of a fancy, urban young woman, resembling she stepped out associated with a commercial while in the ‘90s. Depicting what definitely seems to be the Fonz, Heeey is assertive catcalling Smizla, who looks totally uninterested in him.

Porta Macedonia

Triumph gate (Port Macedonia) on the main street of the city

Were anyone to would like own triumphal arch but aren’t really sure what you wish to celebrate, just think of it as the Porta Macedonia and slap a quotation in it by Mother Teresa. But don’t go for something inspirational in the famed saint, for instance, “Spread love everywhere you go… let no person ever eventually be yours without leaving happier.” Purchase a terrifyingly out from touch quote, like, “The greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.” Ah, Skopje. You simply get weirder through the minute.